11 Ways to Make Splitting Up Easier for You and Your Partner

October 26, 2017

Sadly, not all couples manage to cleave to the “And they lived happily ever after!” scenario. Quite often, we break up for one reason or another. Dreaming of a happy long-term relationship is just something we all want and need. However, it is not always possible to create a perfect love story, like we see in the movies, that hero will just do stuff no matter what and he will get his love in the end. The story of love in real life is a whole lot different than movies. All of us go through a crisis at some point, and the question is are we able to overcome them? If we can, because we try to well know that, we do, if we can overcome those hurdles and crises than and only then we are able to achieve what we truly love.

If you and your partner are heading toward this unfortunate stage in the relationship, I really want to help you make the process as stress-free as possible. I don’t know much about relationships to be honest, because I have never been in a relationship with anyone so. Anyways when you know these mistakes, it’s easier to avoid them. Because humans are just afraid of unknown things, but when you already know these issues you can resolve them and prevent them from happening, so I really hope these tips are useful for you and that they will truly help you in your beautiful and full of love relationship. He happy guys, finding love is not easy, but once you do, it’s beautiful, really beautiful. But if you ever feel this cornered that you guys have to split, these tips might be helpful.


Don’t be silent about your decision for too long

Silence is associated with many virtues: modesty, respect for others, prudence, decorum. Thanks to deeply ingrained rules of etiquette, people silence themselves to avoid embarrassment, confrontation, and other perceived dangers. There’s an old saying that sums up the virtues of silence: “Better to be quiet and thought a fool than to talk and be known as one.” And if you are silent when making decision in relationship, it can lead to hardship.


If you’ve no intention of getting back together, try to avoid contact with your ex

  1. No phone calls.
  2. No “accidentally” seeing her.
  3. No instant messages – so no gchat and definitely no facebook messages.
  4. No text messaging of any kind.
  5. No asking a mutual friend to give her a message.
  6. No “targeted” status updates or social media posts directed at her.


Break the news to your partner in person

Tell your BF or GF that you want to talk about something important.

Start by mentioning something you like or value about the other person.

For example: “We’ve been close for a long time, and you’re important to me.”

Or: “I really like you and I’m glad we’ve gotten to know each other.”

Say what’s not working (your reason for the break-up).

For example: “But I’m not ready to have a serious boyfriend right now.”

Or: “But you cheated on me, and I can’t accept that.”

Or: “But we’re arguing more than we’re having fun.”

Or: “But it just doesn’t feel right anymore.”

Or: “But there’s someone else.”

Say you want to break up.

For example: “So, I want to break up.”

Or: “So I want us to be friends, but not go out.”

Or: “So I want to stay friendly, but I don’t want to be your BF/GF anymore.”

Say you’re sorry if this hurts.

For example: “I don’t want to hurt you.”

Or: “I’m sorry if this isn’t the way you wanted things to be.”

Or: “I’m sorry if this hurts you.”

Or: “I know this is hard to hear.”

Say something kind or positive.

For example: “I know you’ll be OK.”

Or: “I know we’ll always care about each other.”

Or: “I’ll always remember the good times we had.”

Or: “I’ll always be glad I got to know you.”

Or: “I know there’s another girl/guy who will be happy to have a chance to go out with you.”

Listen to what the other person wants to say. Be patient, and don’t be surprised if the other person acts upset or unhappy with what you’ve said.

Give the person space. Consider following up with a friendly message or conversation that lets your ex know you care about how s/he is doing.


Don’t blame your partner for the failed relationship

You should never blame your partner for the failure of your relationship, because the clap always require two hands. Weird example I know, but the problem maybe in both of you, think about it, think about it hard. And break up with telling them only the true reasons.

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